work health solutions

Work Health Solutions currently supports more than

400 companies, and we are growing rapidly.

Our philosophy is very simple: Provide the best possible care for the injured worker in a timely, efficient way. Educate and communicate along the way with all parties that are involved in the Workers’ Compensation system.

The incredible part about our growth is the fact that three years ago we were located solely in Owasso, and we supported only 50 companies and their employees. The success of our growth is due to the trust placed in our services — by the communities we support, the companies we serve and the employees we treat. Our progression in our industry is due to their willingness to tell others about their success with WHS.

With Work Health Solutions, you will notice a dramatic decrease in total cost, OSHA recordables, referrals to Physical Therapy, imaging and specialists and unnecessary prescriptions. These are sometimes things people want, but they do not medically need. People need to be at work and working safely. This is good for everyone.

WHS does not require contracts. We believe you have the right to go anywhere for any reason at any time. If you choose to engage with us, you will see the value and remain a valued client. You will see we are good at what we do because we are passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and caring.

To get started, email Jeremy Green at jpgreen@workhs.com, or call 918.402.1179.