Five things you don’t know about Kyle Burton

Kyle Burton serves as Work Health Solutions’ director of on-site services, which means he oversees the daily operations of WHS. “My job can be anything from cleaning the windows and doors to meeting with prospective clients and anything in between. If there is a need in the office, it is my job to make sure that need is met in a timely manner.”

“Without Kyle, nothing would ever get done,” said Jeremy Green, Work Health Solutions Owner and Director of Marketing. “We have a great team and deliver a good service, but without Kyle running lead it would be a mess.  I work to present our business offerings to our clients, DG provides excellent medical care, but Kyle does everything else!”

You think you might already know Kyle, but here are a few things you might not know:

  1. He has a new obsession with turning pens on a lathe: “This is only week three, but it is pretty fun!”
  2. He has been married to his wife, Lisa, for 21 years, and he has two children: “Our son, Bradley, is 19 and is an air traffic controller in the USAF. We are both very proud of his accomplishment. The training was pretty intense. Our daughter, Ashely, is going to be a freshman in high school this year and is a wonderful, caring young lady. We are lucky to have great children.”
  3. He might be the only human that doesn’t like this: “I am not a fan of pizza.” But you can catch him at this downtown Tulsa restaurant eating sushi: “Yokazuna is definitely at the top of my favorites list.”
  4. You might have guessed he’s got a dog, but what about a bird? And, how about chickens? “We have a small dog named Dexter, a bird named Jack and 14 chickens.”
  5. Finally, you know Kyle in his role at WHS, but did you know he had a former career as a firefighter? “I was a firefighter for 17 years. I started in Collinsville, and then I was hired by the City of Broken Arrow. I retired from the fire department in August 2011, and then I started working in occupational medicine.”




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