Stuck at your desk? One simple thing for all desk jockeys to do everyday

Sitting is the new smoking, we’ve heard industry leaders say, and it makes sense: If you have a heartbeat, you more than likely have experienced lower back pain during your adult life stemming from more time sitting and less time moving around in this modern office age.

In fact, 80 percent of Americans at some point in their life have acute back pain or degenerative disc disease.

If you are among the 20 percent that don’t suffer from some kind of back pain, count yourself lucky!

Whether you sit behind a desk hacking away at the keyboard or driving all day from stop to stop, by taking the time to try some simple things to keep the blood flowing properly and address lower back issues, you can greatly reduce acute pain associated with sitting in the same position for long stretches throughout the day.

Here is one simple thing to try to do daily if your job or lifestyle forces you to be in front of a computer screen for hours every day:

Set a timer on your cell phone for 20 minutes. When the alarm sounds, do the following exercise:

If you are worried about productivity, don’t! This exercise will help your productivity by increasing your blood flow to all the different parts of your body. And, if your coworkers give you a funny look, just smile and wave, knowing you are helping your health and your productivity. (Then, send them the link so they can get the benefit from these exercises too.)

This is just the beginning of many types of exercises we can share, if these prove helpful to you. For more exercises to help with back pain and proper blood flow, contact Jeremy Green.

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