We only have one body: How to protect your eyes and your back at home and at work

We only have one body to take us through this life, and we must work intentionally to protect it from all that life throws at it. Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from some of the most common workplace (and home!) injuries we see.

Safety goggles are an easy way to prevent accidents at work – and at home
An overwhelming majority – 90 percent! – of eye injuries could be lessened or avoided just by wearing safety goggles while performing tasks where the eye could potentially be injured, according to Industrial Safety and Hygiene News. And, we’ve made progress at work: Many people are comfortable wearing safety goggles on the job site, knowing that many dangers lurk that could hurt their eyes. However, this often doesn’t translate to work at home. Weed eating, mowing and any work over your head can be a potential eye injury waiting to happen. Your eyes are very delicate, highly sensitive instruments, and it doesn’t take much at all to damage, irritate or otherwise injury them. Always err on the side of safety, and wear eye protection for most any manual labor.

Lift correctly – and avoid injury altogether
More than a million back injuries are sustained in the workplace every year, and 80 percent of these are associated with manual handling or lifting tasks. The best way to protect your back is to prevent the injuries from happening. Follow these steps to help avoid strains, muscle pulls or worse injuries when lifting heavy objects:

  • Keep a wide base of support
  • Squat with your needs, don’t bend at the waist
  • Keep good posture, keeping your back as straight as you can
  • Go slow! Pull up slowly, being careful not to twist as you lift
  • Hold the load close to your body
  • Lead with your hips

Today’s modern medicine is amazing, but it still isn’t better than prevention! Remember, surgery isn’t a fix to any situation. It’s salvaging it the best it can. Better plan? Work hard to prevent injuries before they happen — Only you can take care of your one and only body.

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