Thank you!

To all those that took the time to take our survey: THANK YOU SO MUCH!

We were so pleased with the response we received, and we gained a lot of valuable insight into how we can serve you better. And, we’re happy to announce that Marilyn Nichols won the $200 Visa gift card. Now, you know who to cozy up to and see if she’ll share!

Thank you to everyone again, and please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have for us. The point of these communications and the survey is to create more opportunities for us to know how we can better serve you or find ways to improve our own processes to better serve our clients.

Marilyn, please get in touch with Jeremy at or 918.402.1179, and he will bring it out to you.

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  • Butch Virdell

    Dr. Green was well received by an employee who had a severe laceration.
    The employee was put at ease, and the Dr. joked with the individual to help the
    employee feel more comfortable. Thank you for helping our employees feel at ease when a
    serious incident happens.

    • Jeremy Green


      Thank you so much for the comment! We realize that every time we have an injury walk through the front door employees are genuinely afraid and have a million thoughts going through their minds. Our job is to help ease their minds and successfully return them to work so they can do what they do.


      Jeremy and WHS Team

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