Top 5 reasons to have a drug-testing program

In today’s business climate, drug testing is a necessary component to help business owners hire, make informed staffing decisions and help employees when needs are made evident. Here are five reasons to implement a drug-testing program in your business today.


  1. Drug testing helps you make confident, informed decisions. Drug testing, especially pre-employment drug testing, gives you baseline information about a potential employee that you could not gain in any other way. It allows you to avoid hiring someone that may be abusing drugs, causing issues post-employment. Drug testing provides you with the peace of mind needed when hiring – an always difficult process without the worry of drug dependency on your mind as well.
  2. Random drug testing allows you to remove all bias in testing employees, giving everyone an equal chance. When you instill random drug testing into your workplace, you remove all stigma associated with testing, as everyone will be tested at some point and no one is immune from the possibility. This also eliminates anyone claiming bias as random testing is exactly as it sounds – completely random in nature. Further, random testing can be highly effective as no employee knows when they might be tested, helping to maintain a constant drug-free workplace.
  3. Drug testing can help identify workers who need help, leading them to seek recovery and returning to work healthier and happier. Drug testing can clarify larger issues for employees who test positive, leading them to seek recovery. Once recovered, they can return to employment and become better, healthier employees. Drug testing can be seen as punitive, but it isn’t. Just like any other type of health screening, drug testing can help employees identify issues that need to be addressed in their own life.
  4. Drug testing can validate good employees. To the employer, drug testing can prove the worth of employees over time. It is another reference point to evaluate to show the value of employees.
  5. Drug testing proves to the communities you serve your commitment to a healthy workforce. The community surrounding your business wants to know your workforce is safe, dependable and reliable. Proudly demonstrating your commitment to drug testing is another great way to show your company’s social responsibility.


To find out how to include pre-employment drug testing, random drug testing, post-accident drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing or return-to-duty drug testing, please email or call Jeremy Green, Work Health Solutions Owner and Director of Marketing, at 918.402.1179.

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