What we can bring to you: An overview of our on-site services

Of course, we have a full suite of offerings in our clinic, but do you know all the services that we offer that we can bring to you?

“We know your time is valuable, and you often don’t have the luxury of waiting until normal office hours or until you can get to our location,” said Jeremy Green, Work Health Solutions owner and director of marketing. “It’s important to us to offer so many of our services to our clients at their place of business because we understand how this convenience might often be a necessity.”

Here’s a breakdown of some of our on-site services:

  • Emerge Diagnostic Partner – As one of the largest providers of Emerge Diagnostics in the country, we have multiple units and can accommodate large on-boardings
  • Random Drug (UDS) and Alcohol (BAT) Testing and Management
  • After-Hours UDS and BAT Testing – 24/7/365
  • Respiratory Protection and MGMT: Fit Testing, PFT, OSHA Questionnaire
  • Audiometric Protection and MGMT: Baseline, Re-Test, STS Comparison
  • Vision Testing
  • Adult Vaccines: Flu Shots and Hep A & B
  • Wellness Events
  • If you don’t see it, just ask. We have literally performed every service on-site

For more information, please email or call Jeremy Green at 918.402.1179.




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