Host a Wellness Event with Work Health Solutions

Work Health Solution will work with your senior leadership to create Wellness Events for your employees, and WHS now can bill your Group Health Insurance Carrier.

Each WHS-created Wellness Event is tailored to each company and the needs of its employees, but all have some similar components. By hosting a Wellness Event for your employees, you are helping to establish a culture of wellness among your employees and providing healthy living plans to your employees right where they are – at work.

“Hosting Wellness Events is one of the first steps in creating short- and long-term wellness goals for you and your employees,” said Jeremy Green, Work Health Solutions owner and director of marketing. “From these events, we suggest you create a committee of people from all the different areas of your company to develop your group’s objectives and activities that will continue to promote wellness.”

Green says that when proactive attention is put on wellness of employees, those employees are not only more loyal but also healthier – meaning work attendance increases.

“When companies invest in the wellbeing of its employees, those employees know that you truly care about them and the needs in their lives,” Green said. “From a business standpoint, increasing your attention on wellness issues also will pay dividends as employees will be able to be at work more as they will be sick less often.”

Each company’s Wellness Event can be tailored to what needs you have, but Green suggests combining educational information with flu shots, tobacco cessation information and even annual wellness exams will benefit employees.

“Each Wellness Event can be unique to each audience,” Green said. “But we have a lot of services that we offer that can be rolled up into one, large Wellness Event. We can get a lot of work done in a short amount of time so that your employees can get back to work and be healthier while they do it.”

Work Health Solutions can help your company with one of the most important parts of your employees’ lives – their health. When your employees can be proactive about their health, they are able to spend more time at work – and that is a win-win for everyone. To find out more about creating a Corporate Wellness Program, please email or call Jeremy Green, Work Health Solutions Owner and Director of Marketing, at 918-402-1179.

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