Tips to stay safe at work – and at home

Whether at work or at play, you only have one body to use throughout this life. That’s why it is important to be diligent about taking steps to help cut down on injuries and long-term damaging activities that can hurt this one body you’ve been given. Here are some tips to take the safety you practice at work and apply it to what you do at home.

Practice fall prevention whenever you’re working at heights above your head
Most of us know to be careful when using a ladder. In fact, a lot of people are more careful when using a ladder at work than when we’re home. It seems this cautiousness often disappears once you are home on your own turf. Remember to not slack on your safety precautions when at home. And, ladders are just one of the areas prone to falls. Here are a few other activities to be mindful of when at home or at play: Watch your tree stands while hunting – are they securely installed? Are you careful when you climb up or climb down? Take precautions with stairs and railings in homes – Check to see if your railings are loose. Replace screws as needed, and check for loose boards on stairs. Be careful anytime you do work above your head or from a high surface.

Watch slippery floors and surfaces wherever you are
One fall, even if you aren’t at an elevated height, can seriously change your life. At work, we give a wide birth to wet floors or slippery surfaces, but at home we seem more daring – often dashing across still-wet floors on our way to our next task. Show the same caution at your home with spills or uneven or wet surfaces. To save yourself and your family members, you might even consider purchasing a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign for your home. This small investment might save you from a hip replacement or broken arm.

Preserve your hearing wherever you are
It’s natural today for people who work in loud environments to wear earplugs to protect their ears from the hours and hours of exposure to high levels of noise. However, and especially if you expose your hearing to loud noises during the day, you must pay as much attention to the noise environment at home and play as well. Wear earplugs when you mow the yard, attend a concert or find yourself in a loud crowd or environment. Hearing loss is not reversible, but hearing loss because of exposure to loud noises is completely avoidable. Take quick action now and save your hearing for years to come.

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