10 fun facts about Lily Colin

Liliana Colin, who most often goes by Lily, is the clinic and billing manager at Work Health Solutions. As such, her primary role is to oversee and streamline effective billing and collection processes within the company. Although her main task is billing, she helps with several other tasks in the clinic.


And, there is a lot more to know about her. Here’s 10 interesting facts you probably don’t know about Lily:

She was raised in Los Angeles, Cali., and moved to Tulsa, Okla., at 15.

She graduated from East Central High School in 2005.

She is also a drug and alcohol collector.

Lily has a 7-year-old son, named Gabriel.

She tells everyone this about her son: “Gabriel is a good kid with a good heart, he’s goofy and always makes me laugh.”

In her spare time, she hits the gym or goes for a jog outdoors.

A perfect weekend would be a glass of wine, chocolate-covered strawberries and a movie.

She enjoys road trips rather than flying.

She can’t stand wasabi, but she loves cheesecake.

More than anything, she loves to spend time with her family.

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