Work Health Solutions benefit: 24-7 Drug and Alcohol Testing

As you know, injuries and incidents aren’t always convenient. And, you certainly can’t force them to occur during the normal business hours. For that reason, we offer around the clock post-accident and reasonable suspicion substance abuse testing.

“We want to serve our clients when and where they need us,” said Jeremy Green, Work Health Solutions owner and director of marketing. “And, we know that when dealing with work-place injuries, those can happen during any shift at any time. We also know that if the proper testing isn’t done at the time of accident, it is much harder to determine proper fault or cause.”

To take advantage of this Work Health Solutions benefit available to all clients, call 918-229-0787, and one of our expertly trained technicians will meet you at your facility or the emergency room to get the job done right.

“We know this benefit is important to our clients,” Green said. “And, that’s why it is important to us that we provide it.”

For more information, email Jeremy Green or call him at 918-402-1179.

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